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Welcome to my Top of Stairs Baby Gates review site. Not only will I be reviewing baby gates for stairs, buy will be looking at Rectractable Baby Gates, Extra Wide Baby Gates, Wood and Metal Baby Gates as well as Baby Gates with a Pet Door.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Gate for Your Needs!

Choosing the Best Baby GateWhether you’re looking for a pressure or hand mounted baby gate, you want to buy the best possible gate in the market. The best gate will ensure that your kid is safe while guaranteeing longevity as well. First time parents may have a little difficulty choosing the gate that perfectly suits their needs. To ensure that you buy a safety gate from a point of information, here are a few considerations you should make.


*** Why Do You Need the Gate?… This is the main consideration to make before buying a baby gate. Different baby gates will serve varying purposes, so you need to buy the gate that is in tandem with your safety needs. If you want to secure the topmost part of the stairs, you may consider choosing a hand mounted top of stairs baby gate as opposed to pressure mounted gates. If you want to block a room or hallway located on the same floor, then you may opt to go for a pressure mounted baby gate instead of a hardware mounted gate. In other words, the use of the gate largely determines the type of gate you go for.

*** Safety Standards… You should not buy a safety baby gate if it doesn’t meet the American Society for Testing and Materials/ JPMA certification. Only gates that have this certification are guaranteed to give you voluntary safety standards. Many parents tend to go for the brand name and forget to check on the security specification. The fact that a brand is popular doesn’t automatically mean that the gate is safe to use. How do you know is the gate passes the JMPA test? Look for the sticker located on the gate’s frame or packaging.

*** Ease of Use… Bearing in mind that the gate is likely going to be placed on an area with a lot of traffic in your home, you need to ensure that it is easy to use. The locking system should be easy to operate with one hand. The gate should swing easily as well. Remember that you may pass through the gate holding other items on your hand thus the baby gate needs to open with ease. The gate needs to be easy to assemble and install as well. The best safety gate should be installed within half an hour. Many parents tend to ignore the ease of use when it comes to buying baby gates, but the challenge becomes real when they have to pass through the gate with their hands full.

*** The Size of Your Opening… You need to choose a baby gate that fits the size of your opening. Most baby gates are designed to fit and block an average doorway. However, if you have an extra wide opening, you may have to choose a gate that will block the entire opening. Ensure that the gate stretches wide enough and comes with interlocking systems that will cover the opening. The best thing to do before you head to the stores is to make measurements of the opening to know precisely how many extensions you will need to purchase. You also need to check the framing components and upper edge configuration as well as the latching mechanism integrity.

*** Your Home’s Interior Décor… You need to choose a gate that blends with your homes interior decorations. There are so many gates to choose from, some made from metal and wood as well as plastic. You certainly don’t want a get that will be in contrast with your home’s décor. The color of the gate goes hand in hand with materials used to build a gate. The material used to make the gate dictates the durability of the gate. The reason you need to consider the material used to make the gate is because you can’t opt for the design or color at the expense of quality. There’s every need to select a baby gate that precisely meets your needs. With so many gates in the market today, selecting the right gate might be a bit hectic.

However, with the right information ending up with the best gate doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You need to do an intensive research on various gates before buying. Intensive research helps increase your options. Baby gates may offer security to your child at home but do not in any way supersede parental supervision.

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