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6 Tips for Installing Baby Gates

Tips for Installing Baby GatesThat little bundle of joy you’re holding in your hands right now will start crawling soon, and once they start to explore, the need of installing baby gates becomes necessary. A baby gate will confine the young one in certain areas and thereby keep him or her from accessing areas that could be dangerous such as the fireplace and the stairway.

However, there’s more to just installing a baby gate in the way of an opening that you deem dangerous to your kid. You need to install in the right manner so as to guarantee your child maximum safety. Here are a few baby gates installation tips that will help you attain maximum safety the gate.

1. Install the Right Gate at the Right Opening… You have to install the right gate at the right opening if you want the gate to serve its purpose. For instance, you cannot install pressure mounted gates at the top of the staircase. Such kinds of gates are designed for installation at the base of the stairs or in the doorways. You may consider installing a hardware mounted top of stairs baby gate to secure the staircase at the top most entry due the fact that they are stronger than pressure mounted baby gates and are safer as well.

2. Read the Installation Guide Before Installation… Various types of gates are installed differently. While you may not have the knowledge to install a gate, you can always refer to the user manual which contains a step by step guide on how to install the gate. It is important that each part of the gate is mounted to the right place on the wall; otherwise the gate’s safety will be compromised.

3. Inspect the Gate after Installation… Like mentioned earlier on, there’s more to installing a baby gate than just mounting it on the wall. One of the most important things to do after installation is to check whether the gate is functioning as it should. You need to check if the locking system is working to ensure that it is perfect working condition. When the gate’s working system is working properly, you will rest assured that your kid is safe.

4. Install the Gate Early Enough… Kids grow fast. At eight months, some kids are crawling and moving from one part of the house from the kitchen to the stairs and might easily get injured. You don’t have to wait until you kid starts to crawl for you to install the gate. Do it way in advance. This eliminates the possibility of a kid getting injured particularly when you leave him or her unattended. Also, the kid will get assimilated to the gate early enough that is very important.

5. Install Certified Models Only… The main reason for installing baby gates is to keep your child safe. Thus, it is not logical to install an old gate or a gate that is not certified. Such kinds of gates are not strong enough and if anything they will be exposing your child to hazards instead of offering protection. Install a gate that has a long warranty since a relatively long warranty period may translate to quality and by extension more safety.

6. Install Sides Bars Away from the Baby… If you install baby gates that are fitted with expanding pressure bars, it’s important that you install the side bar away from the baby. This is because there is a likelihood of the baby using the side bars as toeholds to climb over the gate and in essence render the gate useless. Also, a baby gate should not be less than three-quarters of your kid’s height. When your child is 36 inches or 2 years old, you should discontinue using the gate since the child will probably climb over the gate.

Baby gates are an integral part of your kid’s early life. Remember the young one is more prone to home injuries within the first two years of life. Proper installation goes a long way in increasing the effectiveness and safety of the gate. If you’re not conversant with the installation process, you may consider seeking the services of an expert. However, most baby safety gates come with an easy to follow guide, and if you keenly follow the steps, it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to install the gate.

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