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Welcome to my Top of Stairs Baby Gates review site. Not only will I be reviewing baby gates for stairs, buy will be looking at Rectractable Baby Gates, Extra Wide Baby Gates, Wood and Metal Baby Gates as well as Baby Gates with a Pet Door.

Baby Gates With Pet Door

baby gate with pet doorCarlson is a well-known manufacturer of home safety product over the years. Their Carlson 0941PW Extra Tall Walk Gate is comprehensively designed to take care of your pet’s needs as far as restricting them to designated areas is concerned. The 0941PW ranks among the top Baby Gates with Pet Door thanks to its strong construction and chew proof material to ensure durability. To cap it all, this gate is ideal for all pets irrespective of their breeds or lifestyles. Below is a comprehensive review of this gate, in bid to rely as much information that can be helpful when buying the unit.

Specifications of the Carlson Baby Gate With Pet Door

  • Total length of 30 inches.
  • A width of 2 inches.
  • A total height of 41 inches.
  • A total weight of 13.7 pounds.

The Carlson 0941PW Extra Tall Walk Gate Features and Benefits

Every feature that comes with this baby gate with pet door spells convenience and efficiency. From the materials used to make it to the ease of installation, you can never go wrong with this gate. There are myriad of reasons why you should make the 0941PW the latest addition in your home including:

*** Strong Construction and Safe Pressure Mounts… The Carlson 0941PW Extra – Tall Walk Gate is made with steel all round. Obviously, this increases its longevity which by extension means that your pets are safely restricted within certain compartments of your house. You don’t have to spend more than 30 minutes installing the gate as it installs fast thanks to the 4 pressure mounts which you can adjust individually thereby providing a strong and more secure fit.

*** Increased Height and a Smaller Door for Convince… The Carlson 0941PW truly defines what Baby Gates with Pet Door really are. The gate comes with a small gate conveniently nested at the bottom which is particularly useful when you need to let smaller pets such as cats and puppies to pass through while still restricting the bigger ones. In addition, this baby gate with door is 41 inches tall making it the perfect gate for big bets or other pets which have the habit of jumping.

*** Well Thought Out Design… The gate boasts of an incredible design that will allow you to walk through it without having use a lot of effort. It has a lever which lifts easily and to increase on the safety, the lever locks itself automatically once you’ve closed the gate. You only need to use one hand to operate this metal gate meaning that you can even go through it when carrying other goods or holding a pet. The design further discourages your pets from walking into your house where they can mess up things or get exposed to hazards.

*** Customizable Fit… You can expand the Carlson 0941PW to effectively fit in a variety of openings depending on your needs. The gate’s package comes with a six inch extension kit. The kit allows you to extend its length to properly fit between openings that are 29 to 40 inches wide with increments of 10 inches each. The gate is quite strong and there is no harm in replacing it with your top of stairs baby gate. You can place it on hall entries or doorways too. When you use the wall cups it comes with, you increase its strength particularly when you use it on top of the stairs.

Customer Reviews

With so many pet owners in many states, it’s not surprising to see that Carlson 0941PW Extra Tall Walk Gate has had a massive 685 customer’s reviews on Amazon alone. This further cements the position that Baby Gates with pet door are particularly popular among pet owners. While each customer is entitled to his or her opinion, this baby gate with cat door has garnered a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars which is quite impressive. Here is a sample of some customer’s reviews.

Read more customer reviews here

I had searched for a tall baby gate and I must say I was pleased when I came across this particular one. It was the tallest gate I could lay my hands on and immediately fell in love with it one the first day I used it. It is strong and has a pet door which means I no longer have to step over the other side to get hold of my pet. If you have a big dog, this gate will serve you well when you consider its height. It perfectly solved the problem we’ve been having with our pets. – J Rollings on Amazon.

I initially had qualms with the fact that this gate only opened one way. However I quickly retracted my position when I figured out that I could fit it to open in the direction of my own choosing. After using the gate for a couple of years, I can say that the gate is quite strong. It is still in a good working condition and looks just like it was when I first brought it into my homestead. I also appreciate the height that gate comes with and I can keep dogs over 100 pounds exactly where I want them to be. – Micky on Amazon

Pros of the Carlson 0941PW Extra Tall Walk Gate

Height – The obvious pro that sets this gate apart from the rest of baby gates with pet door is the height that it comes with. Confining pets, particularly dogs and cats can be daunting especially when you consider the fact that they can jump over the gate. However, is adequately addressed by Carlson 0941PW.

Affordability – If you check the 0941PW’s price on Amazon, you can easily conclude that the gate is quite affordable. This particularly true when you consider the many features this baby gate comes with.

Cons of the Carlson 0941PW Extra Tall Walk Gate

One Side Opening – The major downside noted by many customers who have used this gate is the fact that it only opens on one side. However, like previously mentioned, this can be addressed by mounting the gate in such a way that it opens in your direction of preference.

*** Verdict… The Carlson 0941PW Extra Tall Walk Gate is not only the baby gate to buy when you want to restrict your pets in one specific area but also when you’re looking to invest in durability and a host of other features. The gate can be found on Amazon at a discounted price in addition to free shipping and free returns. For more insights visit Amazon and sample various buying options while you’re at it.

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