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Welcome to my Top of Stairs Baby Gates review site. Not only will I be reviewing baby gates for stairs, buy will be looking at Rectractable Baby Gates, Extra Wide Baby Gates, Wood and Metal Baby Gates as well as Baby Gates with a Pet Door.

Summer Infant Deluxe Top of Stairs Baby Gate

Summer infant deluxe baby gateMade by Summer Infant Inc., the top of stairs baby gate brings ground breaking features most parents would find desirable. It’s a walk through doorway, with an eye-catching design in addition to a top and bottom stairs compatibility. Since its launch in the market, this retractable baby gate has been popular with parents across the board mainly due to its convenience and ease of use.

As if that’s not enough, the Cherry wood finish brings warmth to your home décor and the price is relatively affordable. If you want to get your hands on this baby product, my review your about to read below will make sure your well informed.


· A weight of 10.8 pounds.

· A width from 29.5 to 40.5 inches.

· A height of 29 inches.

Product Features and Benefits of the Summer Infant Deluxe Top of Stairs Baby Gate

For a product that is designed to be as versatile as possible, you would naturally expect that it has incredible features that would offer value for money. True to your exceptions, and according to what its previous users had to say, this top of stairs baby gate does not disappoint. It manufacturers have mounted great features on the product to ensure you get the most out of its use. Some of the features and benefits you’ll derive out of this baby gate include:

*** Pressure Mounted Installation… To ensure you do not have difficulties installing this unit between rooms, it is fitted with pressure mounted installation. This in essence makes it easy to move the unit from one room to the other as you please thereby increasing its versatility. Bearing in mind that you might need to install the gate at different room as different times depending on your needs, the pressure mounted installation is certainly a well thought out feature.

*** Optional Hardware Mounts… The one thing you would want with a gate meant to serve the purpose wooden baby gates serve is assured strength. The unit comes with optional hardware mounted on the top and bottom to be used on stairs. Not only do these mounts add the unit’s strength between walls but also effectively secure the gate perfectly in stairways.

Summer infant deluxe baby gate

*** Perfect Size… This is an extra wide baby gate that has a width of 29.5 to 40.5 and a height of 29 inches. This means it can fit into a number of doors with varying widths. Irrespective of how wide your door is you can still use the top of stairs baby gate as long as it is within the gate’s width.

*** Auto Close Walk-Through Door… This unit has a walk through door that swings back automatically. In addition, it can be operated with one hand meaning that kids a young as six years old can use it. The fact that this gate swings automatically makes it even more convenient to use. It is also means you can use it to restrict your pet to certain areas or rooms.

*** Cherry Wood Finish… Like mentioned earlier on, this top of stairs baby gate boasts of an attractive Cherry wood finish. This not only makes it pleasing to the eye but also easy to blend with the rest of décor in your house. The wood used to make the unit also increases on its durability. Also the fact that it is made of wood makes it easy to carry around from one room to the other unlike a metal baby gate.

Customer Reviews of the Summer Infant Deluxe Top of Stairs Baby Gate

The top of stairs baby gate has attracted 71 customer reviews on Amazon most of which have been positive which translates to customer satisfaction. Below is a look at the most helpful customer reviews.

Read all customer review here.

J Thomas says “I bought two of these gates and placed one in my kitchen’s entry and the other at the base of the stairs. Just like it is stipulated in the features, I used one hand to open it and the gate closed automatically as well. I have been using the gates for two months now and I cannot complain.

I found the installation to be straightforward as well as long as you follow the user manual. The units are pretty strong too particularly when you consider that our kid who is one and a half years old shakes the door in addition to holding on to it. It takes me 30 seconds only to tighten the bolts and screws, an exercise I conduct twice every month.

Amazon PrimeTime says “We are absolutely in love with gate. Despite being a critic on many things, I have to give it to this unit as one of the best wooden baby gates you can lay your hands on. Our 11 month old uses this gate without any problems. The gate is used at the top of our stairs. The installation was pretty easy and my husband did it without a problem. Our two year old shakes the door quite vigorously sometimes and I can tell you the gate holds up well. I am highly tipping the gate to last for another one year and would truly recommend it for any parent who has a young kid or a pet for that matter.

Pros of the Summer Infant Deluxe Top of Stairs Baby Gate

Easy of Assembly – As long as you follow the user manual to the letter, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to assemble the unit.

Price – The top of stairs baby gate is highly affordable. Also, if you consider the many benefits it comes with, the gate truly offers value for money.

Durability – Despite its constant use, this unit is quite durable and can last for at least two years.

Cons of the Summer Infant Deluxe Top of Stairs Baby Gate

Dark Color – There are customers who feel that this unit’s color is way too dark. While this is a personal preference, it is not a major concern among the highest number of customers.

*** Verdict… The top of stairs baby gate is the unit to if you’re seeking block areas off your house where you don’t want your child or pet to have easy access. Its ease of use makes it very convenient as well. It quite light and can be moved from one door to the other. While this gate might be affordable, you would certainly want to make a saving on the money you spend on it. On Amazon, it sells for a discounted price and comes with free shipping as well.

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