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Welcome to my Top of Stairs Baby Gates review site. Not only will I be reviewing baby gates for stairs, buy will be looking at Rectractable Baby Gates, Extra Wide Baby Gates, Wood and Metal Baby Gates as well as Baby Gates with a Pet Door.

Top of Stairs Baby Gate Dual Banister

Top of Stairs Gate with Dual Banister KitIf you’re looking for a banister baby gate which has a universal kit that will fit 99% of stairway applications, look no further than the Regalo Top of Stair Gate. Made by Regalo, this is a metal gate that is made with a simple to use design while guaranteeing longevity as at the same time. The gate offers easy expansion and storage letting you use it on the hallways and the stairs.

Specifications of the Regalo Top of Stair Gate

· A total weight of 11 pounds

· Metal construction

· Dimensions of 2 x 42 x 30 inches

Regalo Top of Stair Gate Features and Benefits

*** Strong Steel Construction that has Secure Banister Mounts… This top of stairs baby gate is made of steel that not only ensures it’s durable but strong as well. The steel construction ensures that you have peace of mind every time you’ve left the young one in the house. In addition, the gate installs pretty fast and even has hard rubber banister mounts that are designed to attach securely without the need to drill the woodwork that can damage the banister. The gate has no traces of PVC and has passed the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association certification. It is also in line with safety standards set by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).

*** Can be Customized to Fit in Doorways and Staircases… This banister baby gate boasts a design that makes it easily expandable to custom fit doorways and staircases. It is 30.5 inches tall and can fit openings that are 26 to 42 inches wide. Due to its top of stairs design, this retractable baby gate is strong and can fit in nearly all stairways openings. The design the Regalo Top of Stair Gate ideal for protecting your child from the potential dangers that come with stairways and also keeps your pet on a certain confinement on the floor.

*** Convenient Walk-Through Design… The gate is made to be as convenient as possible. Its design allows adults to walk through and has a simple latch handle that can be operated using one hand. This baby gate for stairs comes with a conveniently placed lever that ensures you install it in an even manner across the stairway. To take convenience even further, the Regalo is fitted with the Smooth Glide Technology that allows it to glide sinuously in the inward and outward direction as you pass through.

*** Lightweight and Easy to Carry Around… One of the features that you should look in a baby gate, whether it is an extra wide baby gate or a baby gate with pet door is portability. The Regalo Top of Stair Gate is easy to detach and install a factor that is made possible by the banister baby gate design. All you need to do is to lift out of the banister mounts, and you’re good to go. This gate comes with a 90-day warranty which further cements the position that it’s manufacturer are willing to stand behind their product’s quality.

Regalo has been known to design products whose sole purpose is to make life easy particularly for busy parents. This gate is made with your child safety in mind. The gate, just like all Regalo products uses non-toxic powder coats which guarantee your child’s safety even if they came into contact with the gate.

Customer Reviews of the Regalo Top of Stair Gate

The Regalo Top of Stair Gate has attracted 153 customer reviews on Amazon. A good number of the customers have positively reviewed it which means that they were satisfied with what this gate has to offer. Below are some of the customer reviews that were most helpful.

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This baby gate proved the ideal baby gate for our 11 year old. It has a myriad of installing options. The gate has hardware that is perfect for two banisters and two walls, as well as banister walls. I loved this gate’s banister mount. It can fit tightly. The Regalo is designed to use Velcro straps that have a locking buckle. To ensure that this banister baby gate fits perfectly, it even has hex screws that you can use to tighten the straps even further. I also loved the fact this gate can swing both ways and the ease of installation. The metal construction also makes the gate strong which is a good thing – doc on Amazon

I might not have used the gate for long, but I find it reasonably safe for our kid. The young one hasn’t been able to dislodge it off position, and I can tell it will remain the same, hopefully, for the time I will be using it. I am betting on the release mechanism to help restrict our child once we close the gate. The locking mechanism is quite strong, and I am also hoping that our young one will have a hard time trying to open it. In a nutshell, the gate looks perfect to serve my needs and so far I have nothing to complain about.

Regalo Top of Stair Gate Pros

Ease of Installation – This banister baby gate is easy to install irrespective of whether you’ve installed a baby gate before or not. If you follow the instructions, it should be up in less than 30 minutes.

Can Be Installed on Top of the Stairs – Despite the fact that this is a pressure mounted gate, you can install it on to of stairs if you use screw to fix it on one side of the wall and then zip-tie the other side to the railing.

Cons of the Regalo Top of Stair Gate

Long Instructions – Some customers complained that they found the instructions on this gate unnecessarily long. However, given that you want to install a gate in the right manner, going through the instructions is nothing compared to the end results.

*** Verdict… The Regalo Top of Stair Gate is one of the very few pressure mounted baby gates that can lock the top of the stairs effectively. It is also one of the selected baby gates that will fit 99% of all openings. Going by the customer reviews, the features and the specifications of this gate, it is certainly worth spending your money on.

Where to Buy The Regalo Top of Stair Gate can be found on a number of online stores. However, the best place to buy it would be on Amazon where it is currently selling at a discounted price. In fact, you will get it at a 28% discount if you bought it on Amazon. Note that the discount was at the time of this review. Be sure to visit Amazon for the latest discounts and buying options.

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