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Welcome to my Top of Stairs Baby Gates review site. Not only will I be reviewing baby gates for stairs, buy will be looking at Rectractable Baby Gates, Extra Wide Baby Gates, Wood and Metal Baby Gates as well as Baby Gates with a Pet Door.

Types of Baby Gates

Types of Baby GatesThere are many types of baby gates, but the most commonly used gates are pressure and hardware mounted baby gates. Both are designed to offer protection to your child by barring them from accessing areas that might be hazardous. In a bid to expound on what to expect with each type, here is a comprehensive look at both types.

*** Pressure Mounted Gates

Just like the name goes, pressure mounted gates are installed in openings by use of pressure beside the wall or door frame. The technology that these gates utilize expands and pushes them against the wall or door frame. It is the pressure that is exerted against the door frame which holds the gate into place.

Mostly, these baby gates are made of aluminum, plastic, nylon wire mesh and enamel coated steel as well as wood. They are used to keep babies or pets from certain areas temporarily. However, you cannot use them to block the top of the stairway because their design is not very strong to handle a lot of shaking from the young ones.

Pros of Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Some of the benefits that come with using a pressure mounted baby gates to secure entries include:

· They are easy to install, and you don’t have to use any tools to have them in place.

· They are highly expandable and can fit the walls firmly thanks to the pressure cups.

· They are highly versatile because you can uninstall them easily and move them from one opening to the other as the needs arise.

· They can fit in larger and non-standard openings. Most retractable baby gates are designed to fit openings that are up to 55 inches wide.

· They are light and highly portable.

Cons of Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Pressure mounted gates have their downside as well including:

· They cannot be used to secure the top of the stairs. Due to their design, these types of baby gates tend to wobble thus they cannot guarantee the safety when placed on top of the staircase. Pressure mounted gates are not attached to any hardware hence the reason for their instability.

· They are cumbersome to deal with because you much uninstall them and remount them again when you want to use them.

· They may be not as long lasting because the fact that you have to keep uninstalling and remounting them may compromise on the gate’s durability.

Where Can You Use Pressure Mounted Gates?

There are many openings that you can use pressure mounted gates in your home. Where you use them is largely determined by the temporal safety needs. You can use them on any opening as long as you’re doing it on the temporal basis save for the top of the stairs. You can use them to secure doorways, hallways or entryways.

*** Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

Hardware mounted gates are sometimes referred to as permanent safety baby gates. They are made of strong materials and are relatively durable when compared to pressure safety gates. A metal baby gate, for instance, can outperform a wire mesh or plastic made pressure gate almost all the time.

They are designed to offer maximum satisfaction. Just like the name stipulates, they are fixed onto walls by use of studs on door frames and are positioned behind the walls. A top of stairs baby gate which is a type of hardware mounted baby gates can effectively protect the child from accessing the top entry of the stairs. These types of baby gates are made up of wood or metal, but some are made with enamel coated steel. They can block large openings that cannot be blocked by pressure mounted gates.

Take the extra wide baby gate for instance; it can extend up to 1.09 meters without any extension and up to 1.68 meters with extensions.

Pros of Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

There are many benefits that you will enjoy with pressure mounted gates including:

· They are stronger than pressure mounted gates.

· They can be expanded to cover extraordinary wide openings which are made possible by the fact that you can buy extensions to increase their length.

· The can be mounted on the top of the staircase.

· They are durable because once you’ve mounted them you don’t have to detach them when they are not in use. As a matter of fact, most hardware mounted gates are self-closing baby gates meaning that you don’t have to close them when you pass through. They close automatically.

· The fact that they can close automatically means increased versatility.

· They come with a lock system that is easy to use. Most of these gate’s locking systems can be operated with one hand.

Cons of Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

Just like anything else, hardware mounted baby gates have their shortcomings some of which include:

· Their installation process is relatively hard especially if you have no prior installation know how.

· There is a like hood of damaging the walls since you have to drill the wall with screws when installing.

· There is a like hood of kids climbing over the gate using the gaps between the rails.

· They cannot be moved from one place to the other on a regular basis.

Where Can You Use Hardware Mounted Gates?

Due to their design that guarantees strength, you can use hardware mounted baby gates almost on every opening in and outside the house. Use can use them on doorways, at the bottom and top of the staircase, on extra wide openings such as entries to the hallways. They can also be used to secure the fireplace and a door leading to the kitchen.

Apart from using safety gates to confine your kid within certain areas, you can use a baby get with pet door to control the movement of your pet. The pet door that is mostly located at the bottom of the gate allows small pets to pass through the gate while restricting the bigger ones. These two types of baby gates above offer different levels of safety, but the choice of which one to use largely depends on your safety needs.

If you want a gate that will be permanently stuck into place then, a hardware mounted baby gate will be the ideal choice. If you want to a baby gate for temporal use, then a pressure mounted baby gate would be the ideal choice. With a deeper understanding of the two main types of baby gates, you now stand a better chance of deciding which baby gate that address your needs best.

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