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Why Where You Plan to Put the Baby Gate Matters!

Why Where You Plan to Put the Baby Gate MattersYou certainly want to confine your kid or toddler within a certain area to keep him or her from injuries. However, for you to maximize on the safety, you need to plan precisely where to put the gate. Baby gates are placed at the entry points where the younger one is likely to get exposed to hazards should he or she accesses the other side. Thus, the need to identify the most critical openings becomes necessary. Is it really worth it to give a thought about the exact place where you will install the gate all you can just install at any opening? Here are some reasons why it pays to consider the position of your baby gate.

*** It Doesn’t Take a Lot to Damage a Baby Gate… Don’t get it wrong. Most baby gates are quite strong. Some are made of metal and others are made of wood just to increase their durability. However, it doesn’t take a lot to get them damaged and in the process make them useless. If you install your baby gate at the opening where there are a lot of activities going on in terms of people passing through it, there’s likelihood that the gate will get damaged sooner than you expect. Most gates are made to latch back automatically which might weaken the security systems with time if used too often. You should consider placing your gate at openings where there is minimum interference to ensure that it lasts longer.

*** Some Areas Need More Restriction than Others… While the main reason behind people installing baby gates in their homes is to keep their children safe, it goes without saying that some areas are riskier than others. For instance, you may consider placing a baby gate at the opening leading to the fireplace as opposed to putting it on the entrance leading to your bedroom. Obviously, the fireplace is more hazardous when compared to your bedroom.

The same goes for the kitchen and the stairway. You may want to place the top of stairs baby gate to avoid the kid from falling off the stairs than placing a gate at the bottom of the stairs. Also, you may choose to restrict smoother areas than rough areas bearing in mind that the possibility of your child falling on a smooth surface is higher than in a rough area.

*** Different Openings Need Different Gates… Different houses have designs that may make fitting a baby gate somehow problematic. You need to factor in the opening where you want to put the baby gates to help you know the best gate to use. There’s nothing disappointing as buying a gate only to find that it wouldn’t fit your opening. You need to get a gate that has a design to fit your wall. The best way to make sure you end up with the ideal gate is to take the dimensions of your walls. If you have a wide opening, you may have to make plans for an extra wide baby gate. The same goes for inclined and irregular walls.

*** The Opening Direction… Before you place a baby gate, you need to consider the direction that the gate opens. You want the gate to be as convenient as possible thus the opening direction becomes imperative. The opening direction dictates if the locking feature will increase the gate’s functionality. You should remember that baby gates have several moving joints that are calibrated to precise specifications so they will close and open to exact distances.

While this may sound like basic knowledge, you need to understand that the distance at which the gate opens should not interfere with other passages in the house. Make measurements of the gate so as to know which direction the gate will be opening. You also need to know that the opening direction goes a long way to minimizing the likelihood of an accident in addition to increasing convenience.

The need to make considerations before placing a gate at a specific spot cannot be overstated. Where you put the gate and by extension dictate the gate’s effectiveness. If you place the baby gate at openings without prior openings, not only will you be compromising the gate’s functionality but you will also minimize the safety. In addition, putting a thought before placing a gate increases versatility and ease of operation.

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